Thursday, January 17, 2013

Did he say Holiness?

You know when I was growing up you could not go to movies, you could not listen to secular music, you could not smoke, drink, curse, dance with the opposite sex, wear jewelry, dye your hair, pierce your ears and whole number of No Nos. Then things started to loosen up a little bit and preachers started teaching that it was only what was in the heart that mattered. Well now we have come to the place where we do whatever we want as long as our heart is right. I will never be so spiritual as to know another persons heart that is for sure. 

My Grandfather Pastor Hilbert

However when all the studies tell us that the standards of church are no different than that of the world and now we even have churches that encourage abortions and homo-sexually relationships, well there just might be something wrong with our hearts.

I read an article about the Catholic Bishops’ in America who can not agree on weather to serve a member communion if they openly support abortions. And what about the open and disrespectful rebuke by the Bishop of Porto Manuel Clemente of the Pope on his stand against condoms? Is it a sign of the times when we do not respect our Leaders or Elders and just want it our way? 

Does this mean that we blindly follow our leaders, no but it does mean that we are respectfully of the place God has called them too, and pray the Lord will help us to hear their HEART. After all they are just doing what they have been called to do and that is to Shepherd our hearts and guides us in to a better way. 

By no means do I want to go back to the world of legalism anymore than I want to throw away the good things that times have taught us. But I also am concerned about what kind of world my children and grandchildren will someday live in.

When I see my grandfather’s picture on my wall I am reminded to ask myself would he be pleased with me. Am I living the kind of life that he prayed for me to have? Am I respecting those things that he would respect? What am I passing down to the next generation that would make him proud?

But even more than pleasing him, I know that I must endeavor to please Jesus, because someday I will give an account for every word that I have spoken and that is a scary thought. So I pray dear Lord help me keep my heart in line with you and your desires for me Amen.

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