Thursday, January 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to the LOVE of My Life

When I met her I knew that she was the one for me and now I know even more that without her I would not be who I am.
She has put up with me think of that.

She has made do without having the home or kitchen of her own.
She carried five of my children without ever fussing or complaining, that was not her way.
I know she felt bad but I never knew it.
When I saw my daughter the other day unable to keep her food down, I realized that I never saw Debbie throw up, she kept that to herself, maybe because at that time I was not very sensitive.
When she was in labor she was strong, stronger than I could ever be, she had no pain killers and she took it all and delivered them well, one even over 11 pounds.

Debra Elaine Seker Stair

I see her growing older now and doing that with all the grace she has, and even when life hits where it hurts she bounces back with a smile. 
Our home has always been a place of comfort, because of her.
She has taught me how to forgive, how to see the other side of something, how to pray for someone.
She has taught me how to be nice, when I wanted to get very mad.
She has shown me how to see the good in people even when I swear there was only meanness. She is the very Best DD that anyone could ever have and those Grand babies know it.
She has been an example of a southern Lady with grace and charm, that I needed and I thank God for her.
She is the Lady behind this man, and I am the better for her.
She is not getting older she just keeps getting BETTER. 
On this your Birthday, I wish you the very Best and Long Life too.


  1. Tell Mrs. Debbie Happy Birthday for me. I hope it is Outstanding!!

  2. very well said Terry there are not enough men in the world that feel that way about there wife's

  3. Happiest Birthday to your lovely bride! You two are awesome people. I appreciate your open expression of love... great example... Kingdom normal, but exceptional in this world! Bless you my friend.